Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Art Inspirations & Home Art Ideas

About six months ago, someone pinned this painting on pinterest. The price? $299. I was obsessed with it. I day-dreamed about it, stared at it, thought about it, etc. However, I could never shell out that kind of money for a painting, especially since we had just bought a house, appliances, bedding, furniture, and more.

I figured I could paint this myself. It's just impressionistic, modern paint on a canvas. I should preface that I have been painting for a long time, but nothing like this. And I'm also not that great. But, I knew I could probably do something similar and for much less money.

My friend and fellow painter, Mandy, encouraged me to try. We have been painting every Monday for several months now, and I took the initiative.

I had a bunch of home paint samples left over from painting the new house, and thought it would be really neat to have a painting in this style with paint colors from all around our house. We bought a house built in 1953, and my husband and I love mid-century colors, so the majority of the colors we painted were inspired by that era.

Over several weeks, I just splashed, painted, dripped, and dotted colors from the home paint onto a large canvas that I bought at Michaels for around $25. Here is my result:


I threw in some detail shots, because why not? Now, my camera is not the greatest, so I don't think it did the colors of my painting justice, but I really love it. I wouldn't trade it for the $299 painting.

Again, I did this with a whopping budget of $25. The paints were all just paint samples of house colors, and brushes I had hanging around the house. I chose a large, wide canvas with big sides to have the painting sticking out from the wall even more. I don't think it even needs a frame.

I hope this will inspire you to challenge your crafty ways and create art that you are inspired by.

Any ideas? Inspirations? Tell me about them.

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