Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Staycation in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hello readers (all... 10 of you or so?)! If you remember, several weeks back I told you that my husband and I had a "staycation." This, of course, is where you stay at home and have a cheaper vacation than going out of town. We were originally going to go to Dallas or Oklahoma City, but we could not find a dog-sitter (and I cannot imagine putting my dog in a kennel). So, we decided to hang out in our wonderful city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and see what new adventures we could find in our own backyard.

First of all, one of our main objectives of our staycation was to eat at local places that we had never tried before. One such place is Queenies Plus, a local joint that is known for its desserts and brunch. Here is a vegetarian eggs benedict that WAS TO DIE FOR. Seriously, look at that. Yum! I am going to try to figure out a way to make a home-made version, and will have to post the results in the future!

Next thing we decided we should do was to check out local attractions - like art museums and garden areas. First, we went to our favorite local art museum - the Philbrook Museum. It's a museum that was made from a converted old mansion left by the very rich Phillips family in Tulsa.  It's absolutely gorgeous for its art, architecture, and gardens. Here are just some of the pictures I took while touring the museum.

I heard about a green house garden open to the public from a friend, and we jumped on the chance to check it out. We found a big room full of cacti - which made me feel really at home. Seriously. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and whenever I see cacti, I get really nostalgic. Usually this isn't a problem since I live in Tulsa (where there is no cacti), but this greenroom was amazing! I could have stayed in there by my little pointy friends all day.

I also thought I should add a picture of my silly, wonderful husband. He seemed to like the greenhouse also!

Well, that's about it, actually. Most of the rest of the staycation was us being lazy, enjoying life, and being sweaty due to the hot weather. It's cooled down since, but that weekend was especially hot, so we stayed inside for most of it.

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  1. That vegetarian egg benedict has my mouth watering. I'll be checking out Queenies Plus! How cool that the cacti brought back such happy memories for you. I haven't seen the greenhouse yet.
    Catherine Denton


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