Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dallas / Ft. Worth Vacation

This last weekend, my in-laws invited my husband and I to join them on a relaxing vacation out in the Dallas area. They rented a home for a week out in Arlington, and we thought it would be great to be able to get out of town without having to pay for a hotel.

My husband and I have a very strange hobby - going to grocery stores. We go to specialty grocery stores in Tulsa, like Whole Foods or The Fresh Market, all the time. Dallas has an amazing specialty store called Central Market. We always visit that store, and this vacation was no exception. We actually got to see the new Ft. Worth store. Central Market is like.. Whole Foods but on a massive amount of crack. It's just incredible the selection of products and the variety and quality of produce they have at their stores. I swear, I'm not getting paid to talk about them, I just think their stores are awesome.

Isn't vacation really about where you are going to eat and the new foods you are going to experience? That's what I usually look forward to.

My husband and I stumbled upon a great looking hamburger place in Arlington called the  Twisted Root Burger Company. Their hamburgers and black bean burgers were great! I would say they were somewhat pricey, but still worth it. My husband got an avocado and crispy onion burger, and I got a mushroom swiss. Yum!

Before we left, I found out that Dallas has a really successful and well known all-vegan restaurant called the Spiral Diner.  I had to try it! Let's just say it was amazing. We had an amazing cheese dip made out of cashews that tasted just like cheese! I ordered a mock-chicken salad sandwich, and my husband ordered a crispy spring wrap. So delicious! Lastly, we had to try their I-Scream with a vegan cookie. The I-Scream tasted just like regular ice cream, if not better! It was creamy and delicious.

I thought I would share some of my exciting meal times from this weekend's trip. What are some of your favorite places to go when you go to Dallas or any of your favorite cities?

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